Taxi cabmost expensive and experience is based on driver, rather than company.  Late at night, make sure you establish a flat rate for where you need to go, or you will be given a "tour of the city".  Be sure to report a bad driver.  Top companies:

​                                 MUSIC CITY CAB- (615) 865-4100

​                      NASHVEGAS CAB- (615) 332-3333

​                       A1 CITY CAB - (615) 475-6666




If you are downtown or in the Midtown/West End/Gulch/Music Row areas jump on a JOY RIDE.  The drivers work for tips so be generous.  To arrange a ride, call​ (615) 285-9835 . You can also download their app.

Car, cab, bus, golf cart, shuttle, rickshaw?  The choices for getting around Nashville are diverse and largely depend on where you are staying.  Even if you stay downtown, you may want to try a restaurant or activity in another area of the city.  Below are inside secrets to paying the least.  Even if you have your own car, it's parking downtown is expensive so you'll come out better using alternative transportation--and it's safer if you are planning to drink.

Another great way to see the city is through the B-Cycle system.  Anyone with a debit or credit card an rent a bike for an hour or a day at any of the B-Cycle locations throughout the city.  Best yet, you can return the bike at a different  B-Cycle station. 

Nashville Transportation Options

Flying into Nashville?  Ground transportation options include cab,     rental  car, Uber, Lyft or MTA has an hourly shuttle that gets you to downtown hotels or bus station for only $1.70 (see courtesy desk for schedule or visit their website.  Airlines that fly into BNA include:




​          UNITED

​          JET BLUE

​          SOUTHWEST

          AIR CANADA


​          WEST JET

Another fun way to get around downtown is on a Pedicab.  These folks work hard so take care of them by tipping.  You will get some fun facts about Nashville as a bonus.  You can normally hail one on the street.  If you want to call and book call (615) 800-0035


If you want to get around downtown, to the Gulch or Farmer's Market area, hop on the FREE Music City Circuit electric buses. For route info and stops, visit the MTA website

​​If you have a group that needs to be shuttled around, why not ride in style?   M & M Shuttle can handle all sized groups.  They even have packages for a weekend of trips for your party.  Take the angst out of getting around Nashville.                                           Call Ray at (615) 822-2778 and tell him you heard about them from Tour Music City and he'll take extra care of you.

Lyft or Uber-  both are very popular and reliable in Nashville.  The prices are comparable. If you have never used the service, and have a smart phone, download the app and enter a code to get your first ride free:  Prices are about half the price of a cab and the drivers are sometimes starving musicians, who give you an entertaining insights of the city.  Lyft allows tipping; Uber does not.  Most Lyft and Uber cars hold 4 passengers.  If you are trying to get downtown, allow 15 minutes to get a ride and 30 minutes during rush hour.

​                                                      LYFT CODE  MCPC50 ($25 voucher)

Nashville BNA Contact Info:

​(615) 275-1675